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Deceptively real. Discover RENOLIT’s new EIR designs.
In sync with nature.

Deceptively real.
Discover RENOLIT’s new synchronized embossing designs.

Find out more now!

Especially natural

The first truly synchronised designs.

Even a woodpecker can make a mistake! The new RENOLIT woodgrains are extremely realistic. At first glance – and at a second even more so. If you look closer, you can see how precisely the embossed pore matches the printed woodgrain. This new authenticity is the result of a new production process.

In technical terms, this is known as “embossed in register”, but factually speaking, it’s a great way to make woodgrains look even more natural than ever before. The resulting effect is to create new woodgrains with a wonderfully harmonious and at the same time striking overall impression.

Ideal for deceptively realistic finishes, floor coverings and furniture fronts. Discover the new authenticity in woodgrain décors. On this page you'll learn more about the new synchronized designs and how it can benefit you and your products.

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It's worth checking out!

Why not take a closer look at our new synchronized embossed designs?
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Woods galore!
The new woodgrains and their strong points.

Many merits of the new synchronized embossing designs are obvious, others however are not.
So here's a list of all the décor and material advantages:

  • Extremely realistic wood look
  • Almost indistinguishable from the real thing
  • Striking 3D effect
  • Especially deep texture
  • Ideal for three-dimensional products
  • Extra light-fast
  • Resistant to temperature and moisture levels
  • Highly scratch-resistant
  • Resistant to mechanical stress
Kitchen squirrel
Sublimely natural designs

For a whole range of entirely new options.
Here are just eight of them.

Deceptively realistic-looking woodgrain décors by RENOLIT provide unique authenticity – eight times over. Because that’s how many décors with synchronized embossed designs RENOLIT currently has on offer, and the numbers are rising. Benefit from a growing selection of especially authentic décors that complement our already extensive programme.

Take advantage of these new opportunities – we will be pleased to assist you. With our entire RENOLIT expertise, and of course with first-class service.

Unbelievably simple to use

Synchronized embossed designs in 3D processing

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